May the Force be with us

Dear diary, long time, no update. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

In May we joined forces with Dirty River Roller Grrrls, and took part in our first official scrimmage against Bay City Rollers in Lahti. The Tampere Turku mixed team Dirty Hos rolled to victory with a final score 149-130. Oh yay.

Turku Tampere collaboration

TRH+DRRG Captain Bloody Ho Mary

Photos (c) Marko Niemelä

A huge thank you to DRRG and BCR for a great time, and to all the NSO’s, refs and bench managers from Tampere, Turku, Lahti and Helsinki, and everyone who came to cheer us on! Hope to roll with you all again!

Interviews with TRH skaters in the local YLE radio channel and Tori-magazine.

TRH participated in an event organized by Tampere Burleski selling our merch and tickets at the door. If you missed us there, you can now also buy our shirts, buttons and patches from Nitrobabe in Otavalankatu, Tampere!

Last wednesday we were stoaked to welcome Tigre from HRD to guest coach us, and a couple of visitors from BCR. Had an amazing and sweaty time, learned a lot and felt the burn! Many thanks to Tigre, who also coaches Team Finland. You can now follow their journey to Toronto on Radio Helsinki!

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