Fresh Meat nom nom nom!

On September 11th TRH held an open skate event in Hervanta. We had a great turn out and were amazed by the potential of all the ladies who tried out our gear. Plenty of serious skating, very few sore bums! Well done everyone, and congrats to those whose bottoms hit the floor for learning your first derby lesson- "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall" (Vince Lombardi via Estrogeena Davis)

We also had a proper TRH practice with skills and endurance drills and a scrimmage.

Photos (C) Marko Niemelä

TRH salutes everyone who came to skate with us and signed up for our fresh meat training period, which had its first meeting last night! There are so many of you, it's crazyness! Welcome and oh my god yay clap your hands, this week is your first on-skates practice! Good times! Roll on!

But before that, hope to see you all in Pasila at the EPIC Team Finland vs. Team Sweden bout this Saturday!

Tickets from Tiketti! ÄS TEE OO KOO EE DEE STOKED! 

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