MayDay in Hell 2011

TRH has been all kinds of busy this spring. We’ve been training with our new rookies, taking part in local happenings, making plans for the summer and cheering for our Bloody-Ho-Mary who has been training with Team Finland for the Blood & Thunder's Roller Derby World Cup held December 1-4, 2011 in Toronto, Canada. Stay tuned, world!

Last week Helsinki Roller Derby’s MayDay in Hell international double-header bout and bootcamp brought skaters from over 20 leagues to Finland. Oh yay, exciting times, thought TRH and RSVP’d yes please when we were invited by Lahti Roller Derby to come and train in Lahti with Triple Threat Derby Girls Sum Mo Payne and Danger Girl, Rat City’s Hunter S. Toss ‘em and HRD’s Tigre Force and Fat Rat. Jammer starts, blocking, scrimmaging, good times! We learned a lot, many thanks to TTDG, LRD, HRD and Sir Hunter!

TRH's Betty BooHoo, Horticia Addams & Bloody-Ho-Mary
(C) Jutta Turunen

(C) Henry Nieminen

On Saturday TRH’s Molly, Kira, Norma, Rudie and Dee went on a derby trip to Pasila, Helsinki to watch the double-header bout.

Black Swans' and Snow Whites' bench managers Estrogeena Davis and Swede Hurt demonstrate basic game play

White Noise vs. Black Metal, 183-38
(C) Hanna Kokkonen

Amazing skating, hitting and jamming! We want to be like Violet Attack, Mosquito, Hyper Nova and Swede Hurt when we grow up. Whoah! More good times and derby education!

This Wednesday TRH will be skating at Hakametsä 2 halli before the KooVee Rollers – Pahalampi inline hockey season opener. Don’t miss out! For a preview, check out TRH’s new and delicious teaser:

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  1. You busy bees! When I grow up I wanna skate with you!

  2. just practice - and you will totally get there...

    ha ha ha ha
    and support my derbyowned skate shop

  3. fresh meat eksyi katselemaan muiden Roller Derby toimintaa...